“After Midnight” at Mystic Vision Players

“After Midnight”
by Tony Greco, Jr, Frank Takacs & Ray Mogenis
Music by Tony Greco, Jr


After Midnight, is a story about a moment in time in September of 1981. The setting is on the sound stage of a late night talk show that runs on UHF television in New York City. The name of the television show,(AFTER MIDNIGHT)is a reference to the time slot that the show occupies, which is 12:01 am to 1:01 am on Monday mornings. It is a "low budget" television production, including all the difficulties that can incur from a live television broadcast.

We join the cast 10 minutes prior to a live broadcast and conclude at the sign off of the television show. The cast includes, all the stars of the television show, the guests and talent on the television show, the house musicians, the production staff, and the technical crew. The performance is shot by three video cameras, switched by a video director, and then broadcast through out the theatre on different size television monitors.

The "television show" includes short comedy skits, sponsor endorsements, topical conversation and music. There are also three slots for guest entertainers, including a comedian, juggler, and magician. Interaction between cast and the technical staff are also part of the production.

During the course of the show, and the airing of the television show, a sub plot involving a surprise visit from "station management" occurs. There is also different "situations" that occur during the show that involve cast members, guests or audience members. But just like a good television show should, everything wraps up in roughly about an hour.

$ 15.00 (Includes dessert and beverage bar) Call: 908.925.8689 or 908.925.9068 for ticket information or to reserve seats.

Performed by Mystic Vision Players
At Linden High School Theatre Auditorium
Performances ran
Thursday, October 7, 2004 thru Saturday, October 9, 2004
Directed by Jill Leonard
Produced by Barbara Greco Brady Has Bio
Produced by Tony Greco, Jr