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The Fabulous Fable Factory
Fabulous Ferber
Fame - The Musical
Family Business
Family, Frying Pans And The FBI
Famous Ali
Fanny's First Play
The Fantasticks
Fantasy Theater
The Farndale Aveneue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL
Fast Girls
The Fastest Women Alive
Fat Pig
Father Knows Best
Fathers and Sons
A Few Good Men
Fiddler on the Roof
Fiddler on the Roof, Jr
Fiddler Tales
Fifth of July
The Final Figurine
Find Me a Voice
Find Your Inner Glitter With Life Coach Lurlene
Finian's Rainbow
The First Kiss
The First Light Home
First Night
Fit To Be Tied
Fit To Kill
Five Tellers Dancing in the Rain
Five Women Wearing the Same Dress
Five Women Dancing In The Rain
The Flame Keeper
Flaming Guns Of The Purple Sage
Flaming Idiots
Flamingo Court
A Flea In Her Ear
Florida Girls
Flowers for Algernon
Floyd Collins
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Flying West
Follow Your Heart
The Food Chain
Fool For Love
For Better
For Whom The Southern Belle Tolls
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The Forest
Forever Plaid
Forty Carats
The Four Doctors Huxley
Four Dogs and a Bone
The Foursome
The Fourth Wall
The Fox On The Fairway
The Fox On The Fairway
Frankenstein, the Modern Prometheus
Frankie & Johnnie in the Clair de Lune
Fraulein Else
Free Market: The Working Project
Free To Be You & Me
Freedom Train
Friends & Relations
The Frog And The Peach
The Frog Princess
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The Full Monty
Fully Committed
Fun Home
The Funeral Parlor
Funny Girl
Funny Money
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Funny Gi
Funny Girl
“Funny Money”
When Henry Perkins, a middle-aged English businessman, comes home at the end of the day, his rather ordinary birthday dinner with friends turns into quite an extraordinary night of laughter and mayhem for the audience. Henry has inadvertantly picked up the wrong briefcase at the train station only to discover a rather large amount of cash instead of his personal belongings. Thinking the briefcase is already stolen and could not be reported as missing by the initial thief, Henry books a flight to Barcelona for himself and his wife and summons a taxi to take them to the airport. As they contemplate the good life and hurridley begin to pack, the birthday guests, two detectives, and one very confused but game taxi-driver make their getaway plans somewhat difficult. In order to conceal the plans, we find as the evening goes on, that no one knows exactly who is going where and why but that someone has got to get to the airport! Herny's secret is eventually brought to light and the ending is as satisfying as it is funny. Non-stop laughter in this hilarious British farce.

Recent Productions
WhereOpening Night
South Street Players 2/27/2004