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The New Jersey Theatre Alliance is the consortium of not-for-profit professional theatres of New Jersey. The Theatre Alliance was established in 1981 to increase public awareness, appreciation, and support for theatre in New Jersey. For over two decades, the members of the New Jersey Theatre Alliance have been at the center of an exciting, expanding, nationally-acclaimed theatre community.
Incorporated in 1950 with the purpose of "binding together the non-professional theatre groups for mutual aid and advancement, and the stimulation of public interest in their activities", the League expanded its role over the years to include all theatre organizations, and has developed more specific goals. And yet the original purposes are as important today as they were 50 years ago. NJTL gives individual members the same rights and privileges as member companies, and that they  encourage participation by everyone dedicated to excellence in community theatre.
The national theatre organization representing nearly 1000 member companies, and an advocate for community theatre as a whole. Members enjoy a wide range of benefits & services, including a theatre insurance program.
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