“The Subject Was Roses” at Bickford Theater

“The Subject Was Roses”
by Frank D. Gilroy

Winner of the Tony, Pulitzer and Drama Critics' Circle Awards, this gentle, domestic drama tells the story of a soldier returning to his parents after W.W. II. Similar in style and theme to the Oscar-winning movie The Best Years of Our Lives, it chronicles three characters' adjustments after their world has, quite literally, been turned upside down.

Performed by Bickford Theater
At Bickford Theater
Performances ran
Thursday, March 23, 2000 thru Sunday, April 23, 2000
John Cleary.... John R. Hammel Has Bio Has photo
Nettie Cleary.... Kate Schlesinger Has Bio Has photo
Tim Cleary.... Robert Carr Has Bio Has photo
Directed by David Christopher Has Bio Has photo
Assistant Directed by Gloria Bowen