“Swing” at Battery Factory Theater

Conceived by Paul Kelly

"Two thirds rhythm and one third soul." That's how Fats Waller defined the uniquely American form of popular music and dance known as "swing." Requiring only joyful enthusiam and a ready partner, swing exploded out of pre-war Harlem's hotbed of youth culture and swept the world. SWING! Celebrates this remarkable diversity to the beat of the most exhilerating songs of the period. But as this enthralling song-and-dance show makes abundantly clear, swing was never a time or place -- it has always been a state of mind!

Performances are free. Donations gratefully accepted. Bring lawn chairs, blankets and jackets.

Performed by Battery Factory Theater
At Oskar Schindler Performing Arts Center
Performances ran
Friday, July 2, 2004 thru Saturday, July 17, 2004
Dancer.... Jacki Fogel
Dancer.... Donald Earle Howes
Dancer.... Gillian Suss
Singer/Dancer.... Jeff Foote
Singer/Dancer.... Jelani Remy
Singer/Dancer.... Gwen Swanson
Singer.... Babasola Arowsaye
Singer.... Mathew Kaplan Has Bio Has photo
Singer.... Lynette Sheard
Singer.... Danielle R. Shepard Has Bio
Directed by Donald Earle Howes
Choreography by Donald Earle Howes
Costume Design by Erik Kaplan
Costume Design by Beth Passamano
Production Managed by Elissa Errick
Lighting Design by Brian Luftig
Stage Managed by Meredith Neill
Musical Direction by Daille Kettrell
Technical Direction by Mathew Kaplan Has Bio Has photo
Set Designed by Leslie Potashner
Light Operation by Tommy Donaldson
Properties by Gregory Coleman