“Company” at Brook Arts Center

Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by George Furth

The first non-linear (or concept) musical, is set firmly in (and often about) New York. It follows five married (or once married or soon-to-be-married) couples and their mutual friend, Robert, a 35 year old bachelor who has been unable to connect in a long-term relationship.

Performed by Brook Arts Center
At Brook Arts Center
Performances ran
Friday, March 7, 2003 thru Saturday, March 29, 2003
Ensemble.... Kathleen Campbell Has Bio Has photo
Bobby.... Patrick J. Curley Has Bio
Ensemble.... Esther H. Cohen Has Bio Has photo
Ensemble.... Melissa Lea Dennen Has Bio
Ensemble.... Jeffrey Fiorello Has Bio
Ensemble.... Adam Fitting Has Bio Has photo
Ensemble.... JC Gibriano Has Bio Has photo
Ensemble.... Diana Kielczynski Has Bio
Ensemble.... Melissa Loderstedt Has Bio
Ensemble.... James Morgan Has Bio
Ensemble.... Nuno de Sousa Has Bio Has photo
Ensemble.... Wanda Toro Has Bio Has photo
Ensemble.... Kristen Umansky Has Bio Has photo
Ensemble.... Pat Powers Wry Has Bio
Directed by John Menter Has Bio
Choreography by Macada McMullen-Brandl
Produced by Gerry Appel Has Bio
Produced by Bernice Woldman
Produced by Jesse Woldman Has Bio
Lighting Design by Ed Pearson Has Bio
Stage Managed by Hilary Pearson Has Bio
Musician by Robert Garguillo
Musician by Mark Menter
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