Upcoming Auditions for NJ Shows

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9/8/2018 - 9/10/2018

Nutley Little Theatre announces auditions for


by Ruth and Augustus Goetz
directed by Alex Oleksij

Dates/Times: Saturday, September 8, at 1:30pm; and Monday, September 10, at 7:30pm. Call backs (if needed) will be on Wednesday, September 12, at 7:30pm.
Place: Nutley ittle Theatre, 47 Erie Place, Nutley, NJ

The show will run for ten performances from November 2 through November 17. The show dates are November 2, 3, 9, 10, 15, 16 & 17 at 8:00 p.m., and November 4, 11 & 17 at 2:00 p.m.

Based on the novel Washington Square, by Henry James, The Heiress takes place in 1850s New York. Catherine is a plain, shy, socially awkward young woman, the only child of a wealthy and successful, but emotionally cold, physician. Suddenly, a handsome, charming man named Morris Townsend appears and begins to court Catherine. But does he really care for Catherine? Or is he only interested in her money?

Cast requirements: 6 women, 3 men:

Catherine Sloper (30ish): plain, shy, socially awkward, bad at chit-chat, she is nevertheless intelligent, capable and possessed of a quiet sense of humor. Constantly being put down by her father, but when loved begins to blossom.

Dr. Austin Sloper (50-70): A prominent and very successful physician. He constantly compares Catherine, unfavorably, to her beautiful and vivacious mother who died giving birth to Catherine. He probably thinks he is practicing “tough love” by continually criticizing Catherine, but all he has done is crush her spirit. A sharp and perceptive man, he is instantly suspicious of Morris’ intentions, sure he is only interested in his daughter’s inheritance.

Morris Townsend (30ish): A handsome, charming man of good family but no money. Even so, he looks like a good catch for the right woman - which is why Dr. Sloper cannot believe he is interested in his dull daughter. Whether or not Morris’ attentions to Catherine are sincere form the crux of the play.

Lavinia Penniman (40-60): Dr. Sloper’s sister and a widow. She seems flighty and a bit of an airhead, but is more perceptive than we realize. A true romantic, she encourages the relationship between Catherine and Morris, recognizing that it is her niece’s one chance for happiness.

Elizabeth Almond (40-60): Dr. Sloper’s other sister. More sensible than her sister Lavinia, Elizabeth thinks Dr. Sloper is too hard on Catherine, and also hopes Morris is genuinely in love with her niece.

Marian Almond (20s): Elizabeth’s daughter, Catherine’s first cousin and fiancée of Arthur Townsend. She is pretty, bright and vivacious – everything Catherine is not. Yet the two cousins are very close.

Arthur Townsend (30ish): Morris’ cousin and Marian’s fiancé. A rather dull young man, working his way up in the banking industry, the sort who has his entire life mapped out before him.

Mrs. Montgomery (40ish): Morris’ older sister who has raised him from childhood. A good, decent woman, she is very protective of her brother, aware of his faults but willing to overlook them, and unable to believe he would act dishonorably.

Maria (20-30): the Sloper family maid, she walks in awe of Dr. Sloper, but feels for and cares about Catherine.